Turn On Tune In Drop Out

We have been in the house for two weeks. In that time we have moved all our worldly possessions, sorted some, put a few away (fewer than I would care to admit), set up a Christmas tree, had visits from Santa and a few relatives and cooked some meals. Any and all remaining brain cells have been focused on trying to remember which of the one-thousand-and-one light switches turn on the one-thousand lights. The light switch, above, turns on these three spots in the living room.

But this switch, very close by and logically a candidate for the living room lights,

turns on these very small spots in the pseudo-hall which appear to do nearly nothing.

This switch in the hallway by the kitchen

turns on this can light.

While this switch at the other end of the three-foot hallway

turns on this can. Also, three feet away. Because, seriously, there might be a situation in which you would want one end of the three-foot passageway lit, but not the other.

These three switches control the lights in the powder room. Yes, three switches. In the powder room.

One controls this fixture over the sink,

while one controls this can light over the toilet. (Get it?) The other controls the fan. In the powder room.

This switch controls the light in the closet to the right that is set up for a stackable washer and dryer that would fill the entire closet.

While there are no appliances in this closet currently, it appears I will be able to read clearly when sitting on top of the dryer.

The switch, below, is for the master closet which is pictured, above, to the left. It is inside the closet and is the second switch I flip every single time I want to turn on the master closet light.

It's like a game of Concentration. Still, it has only been two weeks. Surely by Spring I will have it all figured out. I know Mr. Blandings is hoping to find the light switch that turns off the outside lights by then. The neighbors are probably hoping he will, too.