January's holiday seems so premature, one and done. No sooner have you popped the cork and it's over. Maybe that is why Valentine's Day has always made my heart skip a beat. My first date with my husband was, coincidentally, Valentine's Day (so cornball.) Still, it's something to look forward to as the snow creeps in the top of your boots. Have a friend trolling the internet for love? Take

Set that lonely heart up with a

and watch sparks fly. It could be their

though, I do hope you won't be begging,

if he turns out to be a bounder. Sometimes it's hard to tell. Still, they may end up

leaving you to exclaim,"
,"as they pull away in a flurry of rose petals (or butterflies or bubbles or whatever it is one pulls away in a flurry of now.) Oh, I do like a happy ending.

Mrs. Blandings

All bottles available through Swanson Vineyards. A very special thanks to Caroline and John who shared their Expensive Christmas Wine with us Christmas Eve. (And, yes, I do know that "Merci" is French for "thank you" and not "mercy.")