I Can't See Clearly Now

I had a friend from my Foundation days whom I did a little work for right after I quit my real job. She is just a little older than I and really, really smart. Really smart. And cool. She has great stuff. In her bathroom, she had this large, lighted, magnifying mirror and it always made me wonder. She's beautiful, but didn't strike me as vain, and I could just never see her as a pore-gazer. Only recently have I realized that she wasn't micro-managing, she was just trying to do things like pluck her eyebrows, which is incredibly difficult wearing glasses. I know.

So, I have been sort of looking for a stylish mirror to help with these trivial tasks and I turned to stylish, jazzy product guru, Thomas O'Brien. Beyond product (and there is a lot of product) there is really nice information about how he goes about his craft. I think process is as interesting as results and there is plenty percolating at Aero.

You know what would be better still? Hearing O'Brien speak in Los Angeles, January 21st at the California Gift Show in the L.A. Mart. Yep, that's what I would do. 11 to noon with book signing to follow. More info here. (I promise you will enjoy it; I loved hearing him in Chicago and a little bird has told me that this may be his last engagement for awhile though I have begged and begged for a Kansas City stop.)

All images via Aero Studios.