Friday, January 7, 2011

Flannel and Forgetfulness

I think I may have caught through the keyboard what Meg and Maxminimus had. Some kind of creepy bug that I'd thought I'd weathered the worst of when, yesterday, I found myself forgetting to offer a visiting friend food or drink. An additional warning sign should have been my willingness (enthusiasm, really) to wear my slippers to afternoon carpool. A regretful decision when I realized I needed to go to Office Max for the long-and-oft-promised replacement lunch box. Still, in that neighborhood, I don't think anyone noticed.

An exchange that I had had with Courtney Barnes at Style Court about white walls sort of bounced around in my foggy head all day.

She mentioned Michael Bastian's apartment which, she noted, has "flair to spare," and I had to agree with its unpedigreed chic.

So as I guzzled the cough medicine that Mr. Blandings picked up "for me" (after mentioning the productivity of my cough while he knows that I hate any conversation concerning bodily function of any kind) I tucked myself in knowing that White Walls and I can make a go of it. "There is a place for us!" I declared as the waves crashed against the rocks. Or maybe that was just the ringing in my ears.

All images Domino, September, 2008; photography Melanie Acevedo.


Karena said...

Feel better soon Patricia, as I said ideas constantly twirling in your head!

Art by Karena

tartanscot said...

Mrs. B.,

Yes. I too have been a victim of the blogger cold. Oy. But, if it makes you feel any better - mine only seemed to last a few days.

But, images of M. Bastian's beautiful home could cure almost anything. And even better - Michael is a complete sweetheart. We used to work together back in the old days at Ralph Lauren - and he is, in fact, as clever and delightful as his clothing - and his home.

Feel better,

Peggy and Fritz said...

Hope you feel better. I love love love white walls and I'll take that guy to go with my walls please.

Alcira Molina-Ali said...

I love these daily musings on the not-so-mundane.
They're more like quiet revelations, mantras really.
And exercise in existentialism.
Cheers and best, Alcira

Jeanne said...

Oh dear, I know that feeling. Perfect post title, it was calling my name. Not sure what it is but I know I have one...I have been feeling the same:(

Best wishes for a restful recovery.

Jeanne xx

VoiceTalk said...

Great light, big windows, high ceilings, symmetry, a fireplace, and lots of white: it's my kind of style. Thank you for the beautiful images.

Speaking of white:I think I tried 10 different cans of paint before I found one that worked, which was an education in the art of patience.

To slightly change a line that Maggie Smith said in Gosford Park: "White is such a tricky color!"

Nancy said...

A bit of vitamin C and some chicken soup and you'll soon be good as new. Feel better!

I love the idea of using an antique piano bench as a coffee table!

mary said...

Hi Patricia, I'm fighting the same bug--hope that we feel better soon. I love this apartment--so many layers--favorite element would have to be the large turtle shell tucked into the fireplace as a screen, And the art work--mainly works-on-paper--is to die for. Be well. Tons of green tea capsules work for me.

pve design said...

Nothing a little velvet, piping, flannel or cashmere can't cure amidst a sea of white walls and any sort of storm brewing. We are expecting some white snow today and my children are all about "snow days."
It is the first week of January?
Feel better dear,

North of 25A said...

Looking back, it was not the best idea for me to regularly drive my daugher to school in a trench covered flannel nightgown, slippers (of course) and no pocketbook in the car for when I might have been pulled over. I do still tend to walk the dog - in that same my own yard. I hope you feel better soon,

tarheel said...

Feel better!

Style Court said...

So fun to see this here first thing in the morning. For me, this was one of domino's best -- it's less dramatic I suppose than some of the magazine's other greatest hits but it just stays with you. Bastian's apartment and India Hicks's house are the two that make me consider becoming a convert to white walls.

Feel much better soon!

Flo said...

Now there's something to make up in needlepoint, M. Bastian's "Leave Me Alone" eye mask. I take five, please. I think I'd pull mine on and keep it down around my neck all day, just to have it ready.

linda said...

feel better soon!

little augury said...

the white seems to work best in super good natural light and when punctuated with black or dark furniture. I decided to forgo "color" in lieu of pale or off whites as an antithesis to my previous house of color-I miss it desperately.
sorry to hear you are under the weather. any sign of snow?

judith said...

Those walls of white in the Bastain apartment, lovely but to me, I see very little wall! Lots of prints, decoration kind of decorating.

Feel better soon!

peggy braswell said...

I am sure this will find you feeling better. Loved seeing Michael's apt. xx

beachbungalow8 said...

and yet you were kind enough to listen to me go on for an hour yesterday. I would have never known.

btw, I just read that our keyboards have more germs than our toilet seats. ( Not that I like to bring up anything related to bodily functions either. )

feel better, and I'll believe it in a year when you haven't touched those walls.

Roy said...

12 foot ceilings, architectural detail,large scale art work and interesting furnishings are what make these rooms so appealing. Certainly not simple white walls on their own which can be anything but chic unless handled with the utmost care such as the very best oil paints expertly applied.

K. said...

I love this apartment because it almost has a "gallery" feel to it. It doesn't need color on the walls when there is so much rich texture in the furnishings and art. Thanks for posting the pictures and do feel better!

Katie @ Goodsy

Mrs. Blandings said...

Thank you all for your well wishes - I'm medium at worst.

And, Roy, I will take issue with that. Other than a charming fireplace there is not much architectural detailing here. I'll give you the ceilings. Still, the furniture is interesting as he's chosen interesting pieces not curated the top-twenty list of must-haves either with or without provenance. The stuff is interesting. He is interesting. Very best oil paints (coming soon to a memory near you) expertly applied? Really?

Katelynne said...

Hi Mrs. Blandings,
I love your name, and I just adore "Mr. Blandings builds his dream house"! I have just found your blog from cococozy, and I like your style very much!

eddieross said...

I hope you feel better!
Happy New Year!

The Down East Dilettante said...

So, more about me: I got called for jury duty. Had to spend all day in a sealed overheated courtroom for selection, with 110 other potential jurors, 105 of whom were snorting or coughing. I knew then that my two year streak of avoiding catching anything was over, and sure enough, it's 48 hours later, and I'm in full cough cough, bloom. I feel your pain. However, white rooms that just look so chic, smart AND natural do it for me. Unlike the courtroom that I was sealed up in, painted pepto pink and linen white with floral curtains. you heard me. The halls of justice had floral curtains. With tie-backs.

Feel better. I'm going to go warm up some more chicken soup.

Anonymous said...

Going on 11 days now...Z-Pack and Mucinex!!! Voice so bad I can't even do a Janis Joplin impersennation.

Anonymous said...

Mrs. Blandings, you're one impressive lady -- able to post during a move and when sick. Hope you feel better and thanks for posting anyway -- it's a treat for us to read.

Those are gorgeous spaces above and that one (maybe it's because of the Victorian fireplace) reminds me of the LR of Hugo Guinness in Brooklyn.

While so many things do look better in rooms with high celings, architectural details,etc. I've seen too many examples of great design in "plain" rooms to think those things are a must-have.

One of my favorite Mary Douglas Drysdale projects of all time was in a simple ranch house for the artist Sam Gilliam with -- you guessed it -- LOTS of white.

Judi said...

I am not a "white" fan - too many years of living with builders' "Topeka White", but this room has always been one of my all time favorites.

Anonymous said...

My best to you,Mrs. Blandings. I hope it will make you feel better to know that when the weather is bitter cold, I occasionally wear my pjs under my sweatpants and pull over to run errands until the weather is decidedly better. Don't worry about bedroom slippers. There are times we just have to put aside our pride for comfort and expediency. Rest well.

Design Elements said...

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