Shock and Awe

I can give or take orange most days. I know, there are folks who are devoted followers and I like it just fine. In fact, there's not a color I really don't like except purple. Orange seems to scream for attention in a way regal red does not. "Look at me! Look at me!" waving its arms and jumping up and down. Or maybe it's the heavy association with Halloween, a holiday which I've grown to fiercely abhor. Still, when this clipping of Charlotte's Locks from Farrow & Ball slid from the envelope into my hand, well, I crushed. It's rich, it's bright, it's bouncy. Orange you glad they did? (Couldn't help it.)

Oh. And the purple I don't really like? Well, it's not these purples. Not these smoky, complex purples that might be right for reading poetry on a quiet day. Brassica, top, from the "family of vegetables" (do get back to me on that as I will forget to google it) and Calluna, its paler, breathier cousin, are both new colors from Farrow & Ball as well. There are six others, but I won't spoil your fun - click here to see the rest when the collection is launched.

Why is she posting about paint? What happened to the white wall wonderland?

In my own F&B news, I sent off for a few pots of samples myself. Yes, yes, I know, I said white. And I meant it. Butmaybenoteveryroom. I think I told you that I painted the boys' rooms. In addition, Mr. Blandings's study is a tiny room. A dark room. Hardly a room at all, in fact, it's smaller than a Manhattan socialite's closet. So, light to make it bigger? Nonsense. Dark, dark green to make it better.

Walls, ceiling and trim. Most likely Calke, though Card Room has a fan.

"I put up paint samples today, what do you think?" "I like the lighter." "Oh?" "You don't." "I didn't say that. But I think with a little time you might find you like the darker."

Don't worry about Mr. Blandings. He knows better. He's used to me.

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