Tweet, Tweetley Deet

Just so you know, I'm on Twitter, here. Who knows how it will go; you'll notice the calendar in the side bar has vanished. Still, I'm giving it a go. Sometimes it's good to step out, as the Jackson 5 have here in their yellow, orange and white. Think it's a look you can't pull off?

Jennifer Post,

Keith Irvine,

Muriel Brandolini,

Dan Carithers and

David Hicks managed just fine.

Image, top, photography by Anita Calero, next, Michael Mundy, both from House & Garden Book of Style; third image, Pieter Estersohn, Style and Substance, The Best of Elle Decor; next, Estersohn, again for Southern Accents on Color, image, last, uncredited, from David Hicks: Designer.