As Luck Would Have It

A welcome break this week, a delicious dinner with smart and funny women. Our hostess has a wonderful apartment and every time I am there I find small additions, not the stuff of boast and bluff, but really personal things that delight.
This time, in addition to a new snappy, red bar and a remarkable book stand, was this small piece of art in the living room. A girl, what, doing a card trick? Playing solitaire? It matters not as her message is so enchanting with the shift of a lever. "You are amazing." Could there be a better surprise?

The creation of Ann Wood and Dean Lucker, these mechanical drawings charm and amuse.

The two attended the Minneapolis College of Art and Design and have been creating collaborative works since 1990.

You can see their work here and on Etsy here.

The pieces are incredibly reasonable; I feel the return on your investment would be ten fold.

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