Too good for words.  Artist and designer Carol Fertig has begun sending these delightful postcards daily.  Opt in for inspiration here.  Each day Fertig selects an image from her amazing collection and sends them via email to subscribers.  Previously delivered "postcards" can be viewed in the archives on her site Objet-Lesson.  She provides brief descriptions which allow you to learn a little, while concentrating on what you see.

Trained in fine art with a career in clothing design, Fertig has turned her creative eye to branding for companies such as Sotheby's, LVHM, Mrs. John L. Strong, Barneys and Harry Winston.  Truly, in three-and-a-half years of blogging I have not seen one thing she has sent me before.  It's like a good piece of chocolate before breakfast.

All images via Objet-Lesson.