Just Beachy

We have been away, and while we were gone the paint for Mr. Blandings's study arrived.

The mornings at the beach were cool, the water calm.  It was a banner year for dolphins.  The promise of dolphin sightings could make me do nearly anything.  If you could promise me a monthly dolphin sighting in exchange for balancing my checkbook, I would vary nary a penny.

Along with gallons of Calke Green (top), an almost-armful of samples arrived as I ponder the fate of walls and ceilings and doors.

Light Blue, Parma Gray, Dix Blue, Borrowed Light and Skylight, sit, able and well-bodied soldiers battling for attention with a pile of bills and mail.

Even on my screen, these colors don't resemble the hues in the cans.

But later today I will begin to swatch and swipe and stand and consider.

All the while thinking of the beach, much as I was thinking of paint as I considered the colors of the water and sky in Florida.

All color images courtesy of Farrow & Ball; the actual paint I paid for myself.