New Kid on the Block

I have a well-worn path up and down 45th Street in the antiques district just east of State Line.  Depending on the day, I'll stop here for this or there for that and always at Christopher Filley's and Parrin & Co. to see Barbara, both for the furniture and the friendship.

Then one day not long before the holidays, I heard a new dealer was opening.  "Trish, you know Trish," and I did.  She's had a wonderful space at Mission Road Antique Mall, a space that was Chris's for a while, then Steve Roger's; it has always had good energy.

"I do.  I do know Trish."  I understand that she was in her new shop for a couple of days with the door locked, apprehensive about opening.  But, let's face it, if you're an antique dealer who never sells you're not a dealer, you're a hoarder.

And Trish Hedley is far too gracious to do that.  She has opened her doors and, no surprise to anyone who haunts the street, her things are on the move.

She told me that sometimes she feels like Mrs. Kravitz as she'll brew a pot of coffee and walk up and down the street to see if the other dealers could use a cup.  That doesn't sound nosy to me, that sounds neighborly.

Make a point to visit Trish at her new shop:

1707 W. 45th St.

You can still find a sampling of her wares at Mission Road in a space just behind the register.