Monday, March 14, 2011

Unconventional Wisdom

I was giddy to see Elle Decor's new column, Unconventional Wisdom in the April issue. Welcome to wisdom in any dose, this condensed knowledge from Mario Buatta reminded me of the columns of yore from the likes of Mark Hampton and Van Day Truex. Elle Decor Editor-in-Chief, Michael Boodro, says the column was inspired by comments from two great decorators, "In L.A., Madeline Stuart mentioned to me, 'You guys should do a story on J. F. Chen. He has had such an impact on generations of L.A. designers.' A few months later, at the book party for Suzanne Rheinstein's new book at John Rosselli, Bunny Williams said, 'You should do a story on John; he knows so much.' And I realized that Elle Decor didn't have a format to tap into the most experienced people in the design industry."

Boodro notes that in an industry that is constantly on the look out for what is next, this column will focus on people who have shaped the field for decades. Unconventional Wisdom will feature leaders in all aspects of the discipline. Look for Lela and Mossimo Vignelli talking about modern design in the May issue. And, yes, Chen and Rosselli down the line.


little augury said...

Heavens, yes-isn't it time. I only wish MB had more pages-though his traditional design is -out of the elle decor purview. the NYTimes carried a terrific q & a with MB this week- and great fun, wit, and wisdom.

Topaz said...

Great idea. I'd much rather here from the masters than the usual flavors-of-the-month who have not nearly earned the right to lecture anyone.

Anonymous said...

I can't help but think the Q & A format was inspired by House Beautiful's success with that format. I like it, no matter who the magazine might be showcasing.

Karena said...

Thank Patricia and to Gaye re the NYT article and Interview!! Mario's work is always sublime!

Art by Karena

Flo said...

More on Buatta if so inclined: