Fabric Fanatic

I've been stopping in to visit this wonderful African textile at Christopher Filley's for the last several months.  Of all the things the house needs, this is clearly not a priority, but I yearn for it just the same.

Jennifer Shorto, who has a fabric fascination herself, has developed a short line of fabrics based on Ivory Coast textiles that are long on style.

Graphic and great, you can find them at Michael Smith in LA or on-line here.

The advantage of checking out these wovens on-line is that you can pop over and see some of the wonderful antique textiles in Shorto's collection.

Like this chain-stitched silk on silk.  Heavens.  How many textiles can I hold in my heart?

Image, top, mine - or yours, whatever, the remaining via JenniferShorto.com.