My kid went to a science competition and all I got was this lousy floor pic.

I'd never been to the University of Missouri - Columbia so when one of my friends suggested we go support our children in a state science competition, I immediately hollered, "In!"  We did, actually, show up to cheer on our children (as much as we could cheer from our home base in the student union) but we took the slow road and saw a few things along the way.

Visually, I'm telling this story backward, but as we were headed up to find seats for the awards ceremony, I got held up and when one friend said to the other, "Where's Patricia?" the other said, "Taking pictures of the floor."  As they are friends, they understood and waited patiently holding the "door open" button until I arrived.  It took a lot of time to lay that floor.  Seems the least that I could do to stop and appreciate it for a moment.

That was the end of the trip.  The first part of the trip included stopping at a few of antique outposts between Kansas City and Columbia.  The day was wet and cold and breezy, though Glenn's Cafe at the Hotel Frederick in Boonville was warm and dry and yummy - a welcome respite.

Another delightful surprise was the porcelain pottery by Yukari Kashihara.  Originally from Japan, she studied at MU and has a small shop and studio in her home in Rocheport, Missouri; her garden was an inspiration.   As we wandered out, wondering how in the world she ended up in Rocheport and hoping the world would find her, I was reminded that I seem to find equal inspiration in small spots as large.  If I look.

P.S.  The title is not entirely accurate.  I "got" a lot of laughter (and in trouble from our hotel room neighbor) and a terrific vintage pitcher in that blue-green color I can't get over.  And the floor pic.  Which I love.