Tuesday, April 5, 2011

New (Old) from Paris

You know Urban Dwellings?

That jazzy little spot in the River Market?

Well, Jaclyn Joslin, the owner, picked up a few things in Paris.

Some wonderful repurposed lamps, a chandelier and this great dining room table.  (What are those marks on the top?  Do you know?)

A pair of leather tub chairs.

(Which look pretty swish with this pair of shiny tables.)

Pretty cozy, huh?

Mix in this vintage table, a Hall's display piece from the '40s, and all you have to do is shake up the cocktails.  At Urban Dwellings here.


Karena said...

A really great looking mix Patricia. The best finds!

Art by Karena

linda said...

Oh, Mrs B, love everything!

Amy Vermillion @ Martineau Vermillion Interior Design said...

Looks like a great shop! I adore that "shiny" table. It looks like reverse painted glass perhaps? Neat stuff!

Lisa said...

Loving the lamp and the chandy. The dining table is gorgeous with it's worn top. I'm thinking someone got carried away with their artwork and forgot to be careful.


Karen said...

Mrs. B.,
Love the leather chairs and the table with its scratches, or is that art? :-)

La Maison Fou said...

A lovely little spot. I popped over there last autumn, great area to shop and have a look see. The antique mall right around the corner is fab too!
Thanks Ms. B.

abby jenkins said...

The marks on the dining table look like petal cut marks from a milliners shop? I love floor in there! Magnifique!

Flo said...

The design scribed into the top of the table looks like a freehand-drawn traditional "rosette" graphic common to European hex signs.

Not going to sleep tonight for wanting that pair of leather club chairs.....

Al said...

I just found your blog. It is a very nice place to visit. I love that chandelier, very chic. I'll be back again. Have a great day.

pretty pink tulips said...

Love that little side table! You could squeeze that in any number of places. And Paris? Love it all the more!

Home Lighting said...

I can see myself sitting on that chair the whole day! Really looks comfy :) The chandy is nice also, unique and classy :)

Bedroom Chandeliers said...

that is some seriously comfortable chair!