Put a Lid on It

I mentioned these charming cups yesterday.  Charlotte Moss introduced them to me and I have been meaning to order a few.

Or more.  I don't need mugs with infusers as I prefer strong, black coffee, but the three color ways above are available with or without.

The lid is so handy.  I sometimes carry my coffee into the bathroom while I shower.  My low-rent self, lacking a knobbed-top, places a jar of cream atop my cup to keep it hot.

This seems a better solution.  At $3.50 a cup you're still ahead of carry-out with its paper and plastic.  (Be warned that they are a shocking $6 with the infuser.)

Fans of blue and white can really score.  Sad to say, though I prefer the shape, I might have a harder time ordering "straight bottom" over "slim bottom."  Seems one should at least be able to have one on one's cup.  From Pearl River.