Evolution of a Living Room - Version 2.0

I abandoned the strie.  The choice was repaint the entire room white then glaze or just paint the solid color throughout.  I painted a solid coat with the glaze, so this is three coats of 1:1 Slipper Satin and glaze.

I tried these chairs flanking the sofa, but the room nearly tipped.  Their scale is a little large - 10-20% too big I'd say - no matter where they are, but they are great for reading the paper on Sunday.  The painting was my mother's and I love it, but Mr. B thinks it is "spooky."  It's place holding.  Maybe for this.

I tossed that needlepoint pillow, above, onto one of the chairs and realized I have a completed canvas at the Studio just waiting for fabric to back it.  I think I'll reconstruct the tulip as well and leave them here.
These chairs need recovering badly so I will soon begin the hunt for fabric.  Expect slips for the Biedermeier chairs as well.  And pillows for the sofa.  Sakes.

Rather than focusing on what is not, let's instead enjoy what is.  Slipper Satin has taken the edge off of the walls while still leaving a sense of "white."  (Which is what Mr. Blandings would tell you it is anyway.)

So, now, go ahead, twist my arm - make me look at fabric.  Shucks, I guess I will.