Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Farrow & Ball Give Away

If you are a regular reader you know that I don't do give-aways very often.  I think I've only done one other.

But.  I believe so strongly in their product, that I've teamed up with Farrow & Ball to do their first ever blog give-away.

Farrow & Ball will give 12 readers four sample pots of their choosing (perhaps not as artfully styled as these, but delicious just the same.)

Then, one of the lucky twelve will receive 2 gallons of their favorite shade.

Here's what you need to do:
Visit farrow-ball.com.

Decide which of the four sample paint pots you would like to receive.

Come back here and leave that information in the comments section.  Remember, if you comment anonymously you need to leave your email address so I can contact you if you win.

A week from today (Tuesday the 7th) I will use random.org to select the twelve winners.  From that group I will use the great-random-selector again to pick the winner of the two gallons.  (You can choose that color after testing your samples.)  Good luck!

All images via Farrow & Ball, which has not compensated me in any way.  Just in case you forgot.


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The Devoted Classicist said...

Porphyry Pink, Calluna, Elephant's Breath, Light Blue.

David said...

And I just happen to have a bedroom left to paint! I'd test:
1. Pale Powder 204
2. Borrowed Light 235
3. Dix Blue 82
4. Light Blue 22

Melissa said...

Great White, Pavilion Blue, Pale Powder, Cabbage White.

What an exciting giveaway!

Scribbler said...

How nice for a chance to try this paint! I like Pitch Black, Blue Ground, Blazer, Linen White plus a few more.

Lora said...

What a neat giveaway!

I would love to try out Slipper Satin, Incarnadine, Drawing Room Blue and Oval Room Blue.

Leslie said...

Chappell Green #83
Slipper Satin #2004
Dayroom Yellow #233
Borrowed Light #235

sydney85 said...

House White, Pointing, Off White, Lime White.

Great giveaway!

Janie @ http://romanticdomestic.blogspot.com/ said...

1. Pale Powder 204
2. Light Blue 22
3. Pink Ground 202
4. Setting Plaster 231

Crossing my fingers!

Romantic Domestic

Violet Cadburry said...

I am tripping on yellow:
Dayroom Yellow, Sudbury Yellow, Farrow's Cream and String.

Cynna said...

LOVE Farrow and Ball! Thanks for a great giveaway. :)
1. Manor House Grey
2. Chinese Blue
3. Charlotte's Locks
4. Dayroom Yellow

Eliahs Trains of Thought said...

Card Room Green 266

French Gray 18

Castle Gray 92

I got hooked on looking at colors on the site!

Marina said...

oh how exciting!!!
Pale Powder
Parma Gray
Cabbage White

Susan B. said...

Wow! So hard to choose, but I think I narrowed it down to: Dorset Cream, Stony Ground, Oxford Stone and Archive.

I've read so many wonderful things about Farrow and Ball paint and would love the opportunity to try it. Thank you!

Irene said...

Orangery 20
Bookroom Red 50
Terre d'Egypte 247
Day Room Yellow 20

Delicious shades. Dreamy names. I'm thinking in color this morning. Thank you, Mrs. Blandings.

Ann said...

French Gray, Lamp Room Gray, Borrowed Light, Green Gound

Joan said...

I love so many, but right now I'm interested in pale neutrals. So, I would choose: pointing, string, off white and elephants breath.

Joan said...

So many beautiful colors! I would choose String, Pointing, Off White, and Elephants Breath.

Kerry said...

Terre d'Egypt
Eating room Red
and London Clay

very exciting.

pve design said...

1. Cabbage White 269
2. Manor House Gray 265
3. Calluna 207
4. Charlotte's Locks 268

Black Blue for my front door....
Thanks for hosting the first ever Farrow and Ball giveaway.

Faith Psillas said...

Parma Gray, Calluna, Arsenic, Cornforth White.

Anonymous said...

Parma Gray, Calluna, Arsenic, Conforth White

Lollyblogger said...

Drawing Room Blue, Cook's Blue, Pale Powder, Borrowed Light

Anonymous said...

This is my dream give-away...Lamp Room Gray, Manor House Gray, Light Blue, and Oval Room Blue.

Karen said...

I've been wanting to try these paints. Cord, Hardwick White, Rectory Red and Blue Gray.


Anonymous said...

Me again...for my dream give-away. Never posted a comment before so I didn't realize I wouldn't get a pop-up asking for my email. I'm dreaming of Lamp Room Gray, Manor House Gray, Light Blue, and Oval Room Blue...will use 2 of the 4 for a guest BR with old iron twin bed frames from the OLD (and replaced) jail in the town I grew up in. My email is kristimenear@yahoo.com.

B said...

blue gray
stone white
pavillion blue

such beautiful colors!

Mary said...

Oh I would LOVE to win this one!
New White, House White, Pavilon Blue, Green Ground

Cass @ That Old House said...

I'm going bold!
Babouche, Charlotte's Locks, Indian Yellow and Studio Green.

We're painting our ca. 1830 house and are debating front door colors.
Wonderful giveaway! Thanks for the chance.

Saypoint said...

Wow. I never win anything, but I'm picking Pale Powder 204, Blue Gary 91, Light blue 22, and New White 59.

madelyn @ mtmtmj6@aol.com said...

Maybe this will be the motivation I've needed to finally paint my den!
Orangery 70
Skimming Stone 241
London Clay 244
Babouche 223

ArchitectDesign™ said...

Great giveaway -and just when I need to repaint my apartment after some work that I had done. Hmm. I think I would choose
1. Pavilion Gray
2. Pitch Blue
3. Great White
4. Conforth white

bethgass said...

Sudbury yellow
Blue Ground
Teresa's Green
Churlish Green

Gosh, I just cannot seem to ever bring myself to neutral...

bethgass said...

teresa's green
churlish green
blue ground
sudbury yellow

no neutral in my movie!

Janet said...

Love this give away! I would choose
Blue Gray; Skimming Stone; Cornfroth White and Stone white. Trying to pick something new for my master bdrm.

KO said...

India Yellow 66
Blue Black 95
Straw 55
Hague Blue 30

Thanks for the chance.



Annette said...

I would try the following: Ball Green, Elephant's Breath, Savage Ground and Stone White.

Pigtown-Design said...

You know i am doing a TON of painting right now and would LOVE two gallons!

1)Lamp Room Grey
2)Down Pipe
3)Tunsgate Green
4)Middleton Pink


D. said...

I don't mean to double post, but I think my post did not go through:

Stony Ground
Great White
Elephant's Breath

Sorry if this is a double post.

Anonymous said...

pointing, cabbage white, tallow and mizzle

kimt said...

blue gray
elephants breath
cooking apple green
what beautiful colors...i am in love!

meach61 said...

Wow, what a fabulous give away!
arsenic 214
setting plaster 231
pelt 254
mouse's back 40

Anonymous said...

Love to do this....Dead Salmon, Bone,Light Gray, Elephant's Breath

Auntie Bliss said...

Aw fun!

1)pale powder
2)cabbage white
3)french gray

Melissa said...

Tough choices...
67 Farrow's Cream
235 Borrowed Light
10 Fawn
208 Ringwold Ground

lbag said...

elephant's breath
folly green
calke green
green smoke

great timing!! need to repaint the dining room...

LDMark said...

Dayroom Yellow #233
Hound Lemon #2
Mizzle #266
Lichen #19

The Lunds said...

ooo - I was drooling over your paint the other day.
Borrowed Light
Mouse's Back
French Gray
Green smoke

Karena said...

Wonderful Patricia!! I choose:
Farrow's Cream
Lamp Room Gray
Blue Ground

Fingers are crossed!

Art by Karena

Sara said...

I love to look at all the combinations in the comments! It would be fun to see a grid of all of them after the giveaway.
my choices:
1 borrowed light 235
2 light blue 22
3 parma gray 27
4 skylight 205

e revelry said...

Such a great giveaway!!!

1. mizzle
3. vert de terre
4.middleton pink

Thanks for the chance!

Diane Stewart said...

I love the F & B palette, and would like to try:

Cord #16, White Tie #2002, New White #59, and Pavilion Blue #252.


Shar said...

Love their colors. I would try:
Blue Gray 91
Skimming Stone 241
Vert De Terre 234
Cab White 269


Susan said...

Wonderful idea!!
Thanks for the chance;

I like Pale Powder, Borrowed Light, White Tie and Slipper Satin.

my email address is sschwartz@montrealgazette.com

Gwendolyn imgwendolynrose@hotmail.com said...

With a room that needs a redo, I would love to try Great White, Lamp Room Gray, Stone White and Elephant's Breath. Thank you for the opportunity!

Anonymous said...

I'd love to try
borrowed light, pavillon blue, tunsgate green, and green ground.


Anonymous said...

What a great giveaway!

Borrowed Light 235
Pavilion Blue 252
Slipper Satin 2004
Calluna 270

B. Zimmer

Michele from Boston said...

My faves: Mouse's Back 40, Down Pipe 26, French Gray 18, and Card Room Green 266. I hope I win! M.

the Inveterate Optimist said...

Gorgeous give-away! My choices are: Farrow's Cream, Breakfast Room Green, Arsenic, and Studio Green.

Kathy said...

Off White
Old White
Borrowed Light
Pavillion Gray

So many great colors!

Qwendy said...

I've been following your paint adventures with interest, thanks for the opportunity to do some myself!
Cinder Rose
Smoked Trout
Print Room Yellow
Blue Ground
With many thanks and all the best,
Wendy in LA

Anonymous said...

i just emailed my painter about my living room! this is quite fortuitous!
so here goes:
white tie
savage ground

my email address is denisewitt@yahoo.com

thanks for writing such a great blog.

North of 25A said...

Love this - thank you!
Cooking Apple Green, Folly Green, Olive Green and for something a little differnt, Calluna.

Anonymous said...

this is awesome, thank you!
charlotte's locks, cinder rose, blazer and folly green - gina


D said...

Oooo la la. A Farrow & Ball sample pot fest is unusual indeed. I've used Orangery in a former house and it was brilliant, so, with fingers crossed, these are the colors I imagine would set this house alight:
1. Orangery
2. Pitch Blue
3. Charleston Gray
4. Old White

Happy June...

Anonymous said...

Very exciting giveaway!

Elephant's Breath
Vert de Terre
French Gray
Blue Gray

my email if I win: guedea1@aol.com


ROK said...

Its quite hard to choose just four :)....Drawing Room Blue, Pavillion Gray, Mouse's Back and Pitch Blue.


Anonymous said...

What a fun idea. A great way to get your feet wet, or brush. French grey, sudbury yellow, stone blue and pitch black


Sarah said...

Oval Room Blue, Lulworth Blue, Stone Blue, Parma Gray

farnorthcarrie said...

Borrowed Light, Pale Powder, Bookroom Red, Skylight.

Patricia said...

Lamp Room Gray, Pavilion Blue, Pale Hound, Old White.

Thank you!!

Lucy said...

White tie
Great white
Corn forth white
Pavilion gray

Have always wanted to try this paint!

Anonymous said...
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Jennings and Gates said...

Thank you! Wimbourne White 239, Slipper Satin, Hague Blue 30, Black Blue 95

Jennifer @ Belclaire House said...

What a fun giveaway! I'm a dork and study their sample deck all the time so I know exactly which ones I want to try:

French Gray
Pink Ground
Light Blue
Vert De Terre

Anonymous said...

Dear Mrs. Blandings,
Robin's egg blue, as in the film MBBHDH is not just blue. A descriptor often makes a color more beautiful. For this reason, I select Arsenic, for the drama, Dayroom Yellow for the connotation, Elephant's breath for the image and Pavilion gray for the subtlety.

NicolKnappen said...

Sudbury Yellow, Farrow's Cream, Charlotte's Locks, and Great White.

Whew. Decisions, decisions. Am ordering the card. I found the discrepancy between room photos and color squares difficult to reconcile....

Great promotion!

Anonymous said...

Robin's egg forgot to leave his email: mark.roark@gmail.com

SherryQ said...

WOW! Dorset Cream, Pink Ground, Cooking Apple Green, and Olive, of course :) Thank you, Mrs. Blandings!!!

Anonymous said...

Stone White, Green Ground, Vert de Terre, or Cream


Vava (aka Virginia) said...

Wow, wow, wow.
Book Room Red
Calke Green
Pitch Black
Thanks for the opportunity!!

Abi said...

lamp room Grey (88)
borrowed light (235)
plummett (272)
mizzle (266)

I love the names for their colors!
havenera at gmail dot com

Anonymous said...

My four picks: Bookroom red 50, Skimming Stone 241, Calke green 34, Pelt 254. dcrumpet@yahoo.com

aetami said...

Dayroom yellow, Lancaster yellow, Folly green, Cooking apple green.

Anonymous said...

Yummy! Claydon blue 87, dauphin, mouse's back and ballroom blue what fun

Laura Casey Interiors said...

Pelt, Chinese Blue, French Gray, Cornforth White, great giveaway!

Anonymous said...

what a wonderful giveaway! thank you for doing it, mrs. blandings.

my four sample pots:
slipper satin 2004
pavilion blue 252
pointing 2003
lime white 1

a few years ago (in a different house) i spent a long time (a very long time) thinking about the F&B colors that might suit my office. by the time i narrowed it down to sixty colors, it was clear that i needed to move more than i needed to repaint. still i was able to use some of that research to select a perfect paint color for the kitchen in that house.

no wormhole of paint reverie today, though. thankfully.
just a happy survey of the F&B site.

elliot --

georgie said...

Brinjal 222
Babouche 223
Tunsgate Green 250
Pitch Blue 220

Anonymous said...

I would love to try Stone White, Lichen, Teresa's Green and Ball Green. You're blog is terrific and this is a great give away. thank you.

Sharon said...

My choices:

Stone White
Vert de Terre
Parma Gray

quintessence said...

Oh my favorite!! I'd try vert de terre, pavilion blue, borrowed light and pale hound.

Anonymous said...

From one MO girl to another, you are a poet and I adore your blog. Have always wanted F/B, usually use BM formula so the "real thing" would be lovely.
Black Blue 95, Blackened 2011
Old White 4, Terre D'Egypte 247

Anonymous said...

Cornforth white 228
Skimming stone 241
Borrowed light 235
Shaded white 201
Thank you!

Marsha said...

There are 132 colors from which to choose! A difficult task, but luckily I'm feeling up to it...

My top four are: pink ground, cooking apple green, farrow's cream, and drawing room blue.

I think that tonight my dreams will be extra colorful. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

great white, cabbage white, pitch black, and pavilion blue - such great colors!


Anonymous said...

Hound Lemon (2)
Green Ground (206)
Blue Gray (91)
Hay (37)


Anonymous said...

Might just be the motivation I need to paint that powder room and the interior of those shelves I look at every day and wonder...why DID I choose that color?

Middleton Pink, Blue Ground, Folly Green & Cook's Blue...what yummy choices!

Anonymous said...

I forgot to add my email:

I am the Middleton Pink, Blue Ground, etc

thanks Patricia

Eclectic Etcetera said...

White Tie (2002), Slipper Satin (2004), Dimity (2008), Cornforth White (228), Pavilion Gray (242)... but love them all!

Anonymous said...

Archive 227
Joa's White 226
Slipper Satin 2004
Stony Ground 211
Thanks for the fun post and for all your blogging wisdom!
Mo in KCMO

Anonymous said...

How fabulous! I'd love to try:

Elephant's breath - 229
Lancaster Yellow - 249
Lulworth Blue - 89
Mizzle - 266

(F&B have such wonderful names for their products).


Erin Volante Floral said...

Mizzle, Pigeon, Ball Green, and Vert De Terre... they have the BEST paint names!

katy danos said...

gorgous paints.
i would love to get my paws on
elephants breath
cabbage white
light blue
thanks. fun post.

Mary Hart said...

First time I have entered a "give away". But as a fan of Farrow and Ball for many years - I am unable to resist.Nobody else does colour quite like this:)

I went carefully through the list looking for colours I haven't had the chance to try. As someone who has far too many of those little pots purchased in the course of decision making.

Arsenic 214
Mizzle 266
Clara Yellow 73
Red Earth 64

Now I may not qualify for this as I am in Canada. Just to let you know.



Wanting What I Have said...

Oh my!!!! How thrilling!
Manor House Gray-265
Blue Gray-91
French Gray-18
Castle Gray-92

And I know exactly where I'd use each one!

Sarah said...

Charlotte's locks 268
Babouche 223
Incardine 248
Pitch Blue 220


My Dog-Eared Pages said...

Calluna 270
Wimborne White 239
Lulworth Blue 89

holly aka golly said...

A few favorites! Thank you for the chance!

lulworth blue 89
pavillion blue 252
borrowed light 235
blue ground 210

Craig said...

Borrowed Light (#235)
Cream (#44)
Farrow's Cream (#67)
Pointing (#2003)


teddybg said...


nanakat said...

What a wonderful giveaway. After years of off white walls I'm craving some color. Would like to try Picture Gallery Red, Calke GReen, Hay, and Archive. keeping my fingers crossed. Read your blog almost every day.

The French Tangerine said...

I need to paint my entire house!
My choices for samples are: Cord, Cream, Joa's white and Archive.
Thanks for this awesome post!

defaziolinda said...

Love the colors and the names!

I would love:
Manor House Gray - No. 265
Cook's Blue - No. 237
Radicchio - No. 96.
Farrow's Cream - No. 67

I've got my fingers crossed!

thanks for the wonderful blog!
Blessings, Linda

Bennie Catoe said...

Thank you Mrs. Blandings!
I prefer looking pretty in pink!
Middleton Pink 245
Calamine 230
Ringwold Grount 208
Cinder Rose 246

Thanks for the giveaway - how exciting!

angelework said...

My family room is ready for a subtle update....Pale Powder, Lulworth Blue, Parsons Grey, and Dix Blue all would seem to suit! Crossing my fingers...

angelework said...

My family room is in need of an update....pale powder, lulworth blue, parsons grey, and dix blue all look like they'd work well. Fingers crossed... Thanks for holding the drawing!

jennifer said...

I absolutely love Farrow & Ball paints. I'm dying to try the wallpaper too. If I'm a lucky winner, I'd love to sample Lime White, Manor House Gray, Pavilion Gray, and Mouse's Back. Currently, I have Light Gray on my living room walls and it is fantastic.

Anonymous said...

What fun!
Cooking apple green
Borrowed light
Parma Gray


Anonymous said...

My living area would look great with one or some of the following:

1. #95 Black Blue
2. #18 French Gray
3. #40 Mouses Back
4. #213 Savage Ground

email is lovelady1970@yahoo.com

Thanks :)

Meranda S said...

What a nice prize! They have so many colors, it is hard to pick from.

Stone White

Cooking Apple Green




How exciting!

Jean Martha said...

Oh Swoon! I hope I win.

My 4 favorites are:
Fowler Pink
rectory red
Lancaster Yellow
Dix Blue

Erin said...

Down Pipe, Hague Blue, Light Blue, Charlotte's Locks

Jena K said...

Thank you for the opportunity. My picks are:
Borrowed Light
Ringwold Ground
Farrow's Cream

Anonymous said...

Would love samples of the following:
Middleton Pink 245
Calamine 230
Borrowed Light 235
Blue Ground 210

Anonymous said...

I forgot to leave my email address for the above comment from Klamb
Middleton Pink 245
Calamine 230
Borrowed Light 235
Blue Ground

Anonymous said...

Corn forth white 228
Farrows cream 67
Pelt 254
Strong white 2001

Thank you, Mrs. Blandings!!!

My email is- lafra@aol.com

NancyO. said...

Wonderful give-away!

My choices are:
Blue Ground
Cabbage White
Borrowed Light

Euterpe said...

I'm painting my bedroom and Blue Ground just speaks to me. But I'm listening to Parma Gray, Cooking Apple and Borrowed Light too.


katjeh said...

this is an awesome giveaway! my choices would be:
folly green 76
setting plaster 231
cabbage white 269
borrowed light 235
thanks for the chance!

Anonymous said...

I need desperately to re paint the living room. I'd love to try:
Strong White
Cornforth White
Thank you!

Elizabeth said...

How come mine never show up the first time?

I'd love to try
cornforth white
borrowed light
strong white
Thank you!

Elizabeth said...

How come mine never show up the first time?

I'd love to try
cornforth white
borrowed light
strong white
Thank you!

Anonymous said...

So much painting to do....
I love Hague Blue and Drawing Room Blue, as well as Borrowed Light and Charlottes Locks to mix it up.

kmack said...

LOVE farrow and ball!

James White
Pale powder

Thanks Mrs. B!!

Anonymous said...

I forgot to leave my email in the comment above. Here it is again.

Thank you for the opportunity. My picks are:
Borrowed Light
Ringwold Ground
Farrow's Cream


Anonymous said...

Cooking Apple Green
Savage Ground
White Tie


Anonymous said...

My four choices are as follows,
1.Cat's Paw 240 (Bathroom trim)
2.Light Gray 17 (Buffet)
3.Citron 74(Drawers/baby's dresser)
4.Blue Ground 210 (Floor stencil)
Please pick me!
Robin @peterobinwillis@aol.com

Anonymous said...

Mrs. B.-recently contemplating wall color. Perfect timing.
Citron 74, Hound Lemon 2, Rectory Red 217, and Borrowed Light 235.


ralph and martha said...

I simply LOVE paint samplers! so much fun and promise in a little tiny package. Ok, my picks are: Charlotte's locks, Arsenic, Blueground and Brassica. I have lots of water damage from ice this winter and this would make the repair process more fun! Thanks!

Sharon said...

So many beautiful colors. I pick Old White,Fawn,Orangery,and Savage Ground.sduke873@gmail.com

Anonymous said...

If I were to win (!!!) I'd choose Hague Blue, Drawing Room Blue, Blue Ground and Calluna. Thanks!


Susie said...

Thanks! I had a hard time deciding which ones I would want to try. The descriptions on their website are great.

Ringwold ground
Cooks blue
Saxon green

Mary said...

Mouse's Back, Hague Blue, Pink Ground, Borrowed Light.


Corbett said...

I love Farrow & Ball
Arsenic 214
Pointing 2003
Vert de Terre 234
Pavillion Blue 252

Love your blog as well!

Anonymous said...

How Fun... I'm ready to paint!

2002 White Tie
95 Black Blue
91 Blue Gray
69 Print Room Yellow

Helen said...

How fun. I'm ready to paint!

2002 White Tie
95 Black Blue
91 Blue Gray
69 Print Room Yellow

Leah H. Grier said...

1. Middleton Pink
2. Arsenic
3. String
4. Tallow

elizgonz said...

Heavens! What a perfect giveaway!

My picks are:
Mouse's Back
Pale Powder
Ball Green
Elephant's Breath

elizgonz at hotmail dot com

Jason said...

Thanks for the contest!

My daughter, Caroline, wants to paint her bedroom yellow:

Lancaster yellow 249
Dayroom yellow 233
Citron 74
Yellow ground 218

Young said...

I already use Farrow & Ball paint (Hague Blue and Lamp Room Gray) but would to try a few different colors!!

Cooking Apple Green
Elephant's Breath
Farrow's Cream

Tokyo Jinja said...

This took some thought, but I'd have to say
2.Cinder Rose
4.Chappell Green
First time I have ever entered a giveaway!Thanks!

Plain&ElegantAntiques said...

Such a great giveaway. My favorites are #86, #220, #89, and #223.

thank you

carissakk said...

Pavilion Gray, Charlestone Gray, Brassica, Down Pipe

lizziefitz said...

So generous!
light grey
drawing room blue
stony ground
pink ground

ddu said...

Oh joy! I'd like:

Skylight 205
Blue Gray 91
Oval Room Blue 85
India Yellow 66

Best Wishes! Donna

nyfish2002 said...

Skylight #205
Brassica #271
Railings #31
Oval Room Blue #85

jayneonweedstreet said...

house white
new white
shaded white
pale hound

Yummy! My new family room, perhaps!! It is now yellow - tired yellow!

Anonymous said...

So many lovely colors. Narrowed down to :Charlotte's Locks, Lichen, Vert de Terre, Parma Gray.
Thanks !


Anonymous said...

What fun!
Down pipe
Hard wick white
London fog
Light blue

Liz Costa said...

Why, my favorite four F&B colors, of course:
Cornforth white
Lamp room gray


Kelly said...

Teresa's Garden 236
Arsenic 214
skylight 205
cooking apple green 32

Keeping my fingers I'm randomly picked :)

Kelley said...

Wow--I want to win! I'd take:
light blue
pale powder
cornforth white
lamp room gray


ELMO said...

Brassica, Arsenic, Charlottes Locks, Vert de Terre.

This was such a great idea!
Thank you.

Tiffany from HOLIDAY said...

Crossing my fingers and toes for STONE BLUE.

Annie Yano said...

Calluna,cabbage white, middleton pink, blackened


Kimber said...

Thank you for the great giveaway! I'd love to try Slipper Satin, pointing, mouse's back and London Clay. Thank you again! Kimber M. Thekidsandkim@aol.com

friendandfaux said...

I would love to try:
2008 Dimity
264 Oxford Stone
11 Stone White
22 Light Blue

Thanks for the chance

judith said...

Fabulous give away!

Cornforth white. 228
Blackened 2011
Railings. 31
French Gray 17

Brigid said...

Just talking about this paint with my husband, my picks:
mouses back-40
lime white-1
light gray-17
green smoke-47

STF said...

Super Giveaway!
Vert De Terre 234
Blue Gray 91
Elephant's Breath 229
Skimming Stone 241

Thank you. Sheila


Rachelle said...

Calke green 34, skylight 205, wimborne white 239, farrow's cream 67. Color!

Anonymous said...

I have an entire house to do...

So how about:

White Tie
Farrow's Cream
Pitch Black


Bonnie said...

I like French Grey 18, Vert de Terre 234, Archive 227 and Dove tale 267. I found more I really like too and am having a hard time deciding. If only someone could help me pick the right color to go with some Venetian furniture, I would be delighted. Thank you Patricia!

Stephanie said...

I adore your site! Thanks for inspiring me every week!

Slipper Satin
Borrowed Light
Hardwick White
Pavilion Blue

Liz said...

1. satin slipper
2. borrowed light
3. oval room blue
4. pigeon


lulu said...

What a great giveaway. Thinking of
ideas for a bedroom
stony ground
dayroom Yellow
old white

Anonymous said...

Parma Gray
Blue Ground
Folly Green
Chapell Green


Anonymous said...

LOVE your blog - you are an inspiration to me!!! I adore Farrow and Ball and would be thrilled to receive the following sample pots if selected:

Light Blue 22
Teresa's Green 236
Cinder Rose 246
Slipper Satin 2004

Thank you for offering this wonderful giveaway!

Missy said...

Let's see...
Drawing Room Blue
Cabbage Light
Borrowed Light
Green Blue

Lots of ideas...thanks!

LE Bosley said...

I am addicted to design blogs and feel an intense need to redo my entire house. Paint would be a great way to start!
Joa White
Mouse's Back
Hound Lemon
Vert de Terre

Mrs. deWinter said...

Love this paint!

Hague Blue
Green Smoke
Drawing Room Blue
India Yellow

Jaclyn said...

Changed my email address so I am making one more stab at this wonderful paint.

Stony Ground, Blackened, Great White and Elephant's Breath.

Michelle (Three Men and a Lady) said...

All white.
Wimborne white.
Strong white.
Cornforth white.

Been looking for paint for my new house renovation!

Resident said...

I've got an entire house full of rooms to paint in a new house! I'd love to try: Lulworth Blue, Parma Gray, Lamp Room Gray, and Skylight!

Anonymous said...

Terrific giveaway and terrific timing just when I need a fresh look in entry and bedroom hallways.

I would love to test: Farrow's Cream #67, New White #59, Matchstick #2013 and String #8.


CayuseCowgirl said...

Tunsgate Green, pavilion Blue, Cabbage White and All White LOVE Farrow & Ball!

Anonymous said...

My paint choices are: Pitch Blue 220, Blazer 212, Dorset's Cream 67.
Hay 37.

Lucia said...

ok I am kinda boring, but i am looking for a good neutral to cover chocolate brown walls (yikes) now!
my pics are

oxford stone
Joa's white
Farrow's cream

Laura said...

Oh my goodness, what a great giveaway!

I've been eyeing Dead Salmon, London Stone, Lulworth Blue, and Ball Green.

BonBon said...

Thank you for this complimentary opportunity to
play with fabulous paints!
My wish is to Plummett #272
into London Clay #244
only to see Green Smoke #47
and to finish with Elephant's Breath #229.

Kathy said...

Thanks for the reminder!
Folly Green, Tanners Brown, Terre D'Egypte and Blazer - please.

Lisa T said...

Thank you for the chance- I've been wanting to try F&B for a while now. My choices would be
80 Saxon Green
13 Olive
3 Off White
235 Borrowed Light

Anonymous said...

Design Diva chooses #'s: 8 String, 10 Fawn, 89 Lulworth and 210 Blueground. Thank you Patricia!

CSM said...

Carol M.
Skylight, India Yellow, Elephants Breath, Cats Paw

sactovlr said...

Wow - I recently requested a catalog from them....you must have ESP!

Pointing 2003
Tallow 203
New White 59
Off White

Thanks for the great opportunity!

Nutbird said...

I would like to test: Borrowed light, cabbage white, sky light, and Down pipe. Thanks Ann

whitnearyan said...

Whitnea Ryan...

What an awesome opportunity!! Thank you so much!!

Charlottes Locks #268
Manor House Gray #265
Lamp Room Gray #88
Railings #31


Anonymous said...

WOW!! This would be great!! Looking to paint several rooms in the house!!

Stony Ground
Great White
Charlottes Locks


Crystal McMuffin said...

I was just at my local design store drooling over the Farrow and Ball Paints. They are simply wonderful. I actually picked up a sample of the new cabbage white for my bedroom. I would love to try:

Pitch Blue 220
Folly Green 76
Breakfast Green 81
Calke Green 34

Nancy said...

Dix Blue
Chappell Green
Oval Room Blue
Charlotte's Locks

linds said...

1. Borrowed light
2. Slipper satin
3. Cornforth white
4. Dix blue

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