Friday, May 6, 2011

Meet the Missonis

The Missonis make things.  Fabric and clothes and food.  (For the short list.)

And a rainbow of breadsticks.  (What could make me love bread better than being able to pick my favorite color?  Nothing.)

I am always wondering what my children notice, what they will take away.

And when I saw these images I just thought, "What an amazing way to grow up."

Entrenched, enveloped, in love with color.

All images via Bon Appetit; photography by Alexia Silvagni.  I saw them in Mr. Blandings's issue and mentally filed them away until I saw images of the Missoni homes in Bazaar today.  My new desire for neutral backgrounds is making my need for color to pop up other places.  Like here.


The French Tangerine said...

lovely post... i'm in love with color!

Al said...

THey are such a creative family. I love how they surround themselves in bright colors. So enlivening and soulful. Thanks for this great post.

JWK said...

Love them! Of course they would have color breadsticks!!

pve design said...

I feel the same way about my family. We are a colorful bunch...having been raised by a Father who brought home colorful bunches of fresh fruits and veggies and a thrifty Mom who created with love everything in her grasp. No label, brand or dynasty, but love.
Love conquers all. I feel the Missoni love!

little augury said...

You do get the feeling that they are just as their clothes appear-lively- tightly knit & have always Loved their tradition of Family. pgt

redolence said...

Although it may be diluted, they are offering a collection through Target this fall. Stay tuned

Anonymous said...

An absolutely lovely post, as always!

My table needs only one thing - colored bread sticks! How does one go about making such things? Better yet, where does one buy such things?

Lee said...

I'm with you on loving neutral surrounds, but still find myself looking at the colorful things and wondering how I got there. At least with a neutral background, you can change your pops of color without changing the whole color scheme. Great post!

Millie said...

I came straight over here Patricia when I saw this post title on my sidebar - Meet The Missionaries. Ooooh I thought, Mrs. B's had some sort of religious conversion. It has quickly become obvious to me that I need an urgent appointment with Stirling Optometrists. Missonis silly Millie, Missonis.
M x

Karena said...

Going to Target is a little disappointing for some reason...I do love to see that this family business has been going for so many years.


Art by Karena

ADG said...

I hope Mr. Blandings and the picolo Blandboys treated you extry special yesterday.

Laura @ the shorehouse. said...

I think they should sell pastel breadsticks at at Target and then all would be well (or at least better) with the world.