Wall to Wall

I'm still on walls.  It may be a week of walls.  Anyway, I ran into Thomas Jayne when I was in New York.  I like running in to Thomas for two reasons: 1) he's both charming and interesting, and, 2) he makes me feel petite.  At least for a few minutes.

He mentioned that he moved his blog to his own site.  He had been blogging for Interior Design.  When I went to track down the new stuff, I ran across the old stuff and was enchanted by this old post on his project jackets.  I think you might be, too, and you can find it here.

But really, bookmark or add to your reader or do whatever it is you do to find your favorites, for his current blog on his site here.  If you do, you'll find the most wonderful eglomise, above, and the tale of its creation. Win/win.

All images courtesy (without his prior knowledge, forgive me) Thomas Jayne.