Best Friends for Frances

Frances Elkins arrived by post on Monday, swaddled in brown paper, and promptly changed my life.  It may be a week, a month, a year of Elkins, but for now, here is the dining room of Mr. and Mrs. Kersey Coates Reed, Lake Forest, Illinois, 1929.  This room came up last week (and you can see the later version of the room here) and many readers referred to the room as Elkins originally designed it.

The hidden door and the camouflage screen are both there, but indeed, no chandelier (and certainly not two) and then there are the wonderful bamboo chairs.  And, yes, if Mrs. Elkins sat next to me on a plane, I do think we would be friends.

Image from Frances Elkins Interior Design by Stephen M. Salny; photography by Luis Medina.

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