Design Therapy

I hadn't realized that I was unconsciously mining this image for inspiration until last week's episode of Million Dollar Decorators. When Mary McDonald walked through (by? I can't remember) this dining room, my conscious mind went, "Oh, yes, of course.  That has been it all along."

I wish this little nugget had slid into the conscious side of my brain a little sooner.   I'd been holding off on ordering the stencil for my dining room project as something about it seemed not quite right.  It wasn't working with the rest of the house and I couldn't put my finger on why.

When I saw the dining room (again, fully conscious) I realized that the stencil, above, was too bold for my space.  Too heavy.  Too much.

So, I'm ordering this all-over pattern instead and am going to use it in pieces to create an airier silhouette similar to the wall above.  It wasn't my first foray into analysis, but it was most certainly the most fun. 

Top two images, Mary McDonald Interiors, Rizzoli, photography by Melanie Acevedo.  Remaining images via Stencil Library.

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