I don't mean to imply that you should collect (hoard) old design magazines as I do.  I can't recommend that you fill shelves and drawers with images and ideas.  It's perverse.  I mean, wonderful new magazines are published each and every month chocked full of wonderful, wonderful pictures.

But, if you do, you might want to keep an eye out for House & Garden, September 2004.

This particular issue is an out-of-the-park home run.  To begin, it opens with that fabulous shot of Miles Redd leaping in his mirrored bathroom and offers pages of his insight into the process of decorating his own home.  I offer here the close-up of his kitchen and its mirrored backsplash.

The issue focuses on designers' own homes (always favorite fodder) and includes Charlotte Moss's townhouse.

One of the things I enjoyed about HG was the tidbits that it offered on process and resource.  Naturally, this little gem on mirrored trellis and its maintenance caught my eye.  (I might have mentioned that the new house likes mirror.)

On to Piero Castellini's Milan palazzo and finishing up with

Paul Fortune's Hollywood home, which is one of my all-time favorites.

Snuggled in the credits in the back is Fortune's recipe for pomegranate margaritas, long before pomegranate was known as a "super-food."  The first shot I ever took was at the bar at the Mad Hatter in 1986.  It was Mr. Blandings's idea (he was a drinking buddy then.)  Being a gentleman he allowed me to pick my poison.  "Tequila!"  "Are you sure you don't want a watermelon shot or something?"  "Watermelon shots are for sissies," I declared as I licked that tender spot between my thumb and forefinger, sprinkling it with salt.

I still believe this, but now we know that pomegranate is full of anti-oxidants.  So these are good for you.

Enjoy the 4th.