Too Much is Never Enough

In other dining room news, I bought more chairs.

At first I wondered if they were better than, or just different from, my current chairs.  Also, there is the issue of my chair addiction.  Further, I am now captivated by the idea of the bamboo dining chairs in the Reed house.  Still, the long and short of it is, I am usually long on ideas and short on funds and it is likely that it would take me a while to a) find better chairs and b) afford better chairs.

So when these literally landed in my lap it seemed wise to snap them up.  (I have two pieces of art on my wish list as well and they are taking priority.)  I was originally thinking I would paint these black, but this pale yellow is so cheerful I wonder if it should be the "new" color as well as the old.  They have, literally, lifted the spirit of the room.

I haven't the heart to count my chairs again, but whatever the last horrendous number was, it is now that + 6.  Sakes.

The wall color is Farrow & Ball Folly Green.

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