Elegant Rewards of a Disciplined Choice

I'm nearly hopeless at furniture placement.  

Mine is nearly always a ring around the rosie (otherwise known as the coffee table) with the sofa against the wall like it's getting a mug shot.

Somewhere, sometime (it's been nearly four years for heaven's sake) another blogger mentioned "the ladies who love dead decorators" (or something like that.)  I can't assume that I was referenced, but I recognized myself in the description.

I do like looking back to see what still strikes a note; it helps me pull out my own aesthetic.

These rooms were created before I was born.  My mother could have rested this copy of House Beautiful on her bulging belly.  Perhaps that is why I recognize this tailored treat and that wonderful, wonderful view.

All images House Beautiful, March 1965, the home of Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Mathews.  The post title is the same as the title of the article which implies that the decorating was done by Mr. Mathews who was with the architecture and engineering firm Skidmore, Owings and Merrill.  Photography by Ezra Stoller Associates - and isn't the lighting amazing?  By the way, there is wear on the third image, not a pattern on the carpet which appears to be a solid, short pile.