Wednesday, July 27, 2011

On-Line Beauty Absolutely

Do you know my friend Anna?  Anna Spiro is a remarkable designer and shop owner in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.  When I started reading her blog Absolutely Beautiful Things I was enchanted by her aesthetic.  Bright and bold and brave, her shop and her interiors have such confidence.  As I continued to read I was impressed by her limitless energy.  Dogs, boys, shop, blog, business, she strides into it all.

Lucky for us Ms. Spiro has taken her act on the road.  Today she opens an on-line shop - a new concept of sorts - to offer her eye and her finds world wide.  Click over to check it out.  I guarantee it will be Absolutely Beautiful.  Here.


Amy Prior said...

Looks really great doesn't it!

pve design said...

Absolutely love Anna and had the pleasure of dining with her in NY - can you imagine it was the first time she ever witnessed snow. She is a joy.
Her shop no doubt embodies her spirit and joy for the home and sharing that love - how lucky are we.

Anna Spiro said...

Why is it that I always leave your posts feeling like I want to come and have a cup of tea with you?!

You write so beautifully and I am so incredibly honored that you would post about our new online store. It has been a big day full of excitement and relief!

Thank you Mrs B for your support. You are the best.


Pigtown-Design said...

Love Anna! She's such a talent, and I am so pleased for all of her success (and yours!).

quintessence said...

Love Anna's blog. Will definitely stop by to see the new shop!! Thanks for the heads up!

Grant K. Gibson said...

Love Anna's style and her use of color. She makes me want to take bolder chances. What a GREAT idea for her online shop.

Coco said...