Great Sets

Thank you for the responses to the posts this week.  I've chosen to end on an up note; for those of you who were interested in my relationship with my mother and had not read the essay, "Growing Up," it is here.

I was late to Mad Men but now I am January Jonesing for the return.   This post originally appeared March 11, 2009.

Maybe it's because of this, but I'm a little weary of the straight and sleek.

Troubling times call for a little lift.

Follow my mother's advice - you may not be able to change your life, but you can always change your hair.

A shampoo and set or some such thing.  Some bounce.  An errant curl to toss out of your eye.

Make sure it's a bit of mess to show you're not too much of a good girl.  The time is right.

Image, top, January Jones and Jon Hamm from Mad Men used without permission, but much gratitude, from AMC, Ingrid Bergman, Sofia Loren, Grace Kelly and Elizabeth Taylor, all from IMDB.