Out and About

I have a good little bit of painting to do, but the heat of last week did me in.  Even now, with the weather  displaying its decidedly split-personality (it's 78 and not an ounce of humidity - for a day) I can't seem to motivate.

I've been reading a lot.  A lot.  Venturing out to shop, though I need to make some kind of headway, seems so taxing.  (Pathetic, I know.)  But I have happened upon a few treats.  I picked up two outdoor lanterns and the star light from Christopher Filley last week.  Bad hardware store lighting makes my teeth hurt.  I can't help it.

There are a few other pieces that keep popping up on that mental slide show (what? you don't have that? it's a curse.)  The top is a Venetian glass light fixture for which I have one possible spot (maybe two) but no obvious location.  Think, think think.  It's at Show-Me Antiques.  The next is a kilim that I think would be just right for the den, but Mr. Blandings thinks is much too small.  (That grey stripe is not grey at all, but the delicious color of Farrow & Ball's Dix Blue which my doors will someday be if I would just paint them.)  It resides, on sale, at Knotty Rug Company.  And the last are yes, Greek Key and chairs and a greyish metal making them completely crushable but, well, if you know me at all you know I don't need another pair of chairs.  Except maybe these.  At Barbara Farmer's Parrin & Co.

If you beat me to them it's my own darn fault.