Christmas Comes Early and Often

Once upon a time I got over my aversion to red and green together.  Meaning not hunter green and burgundy, of the 80s/90s greatest hits,  but the primary red and grassy green of this Albert Hadley Kips Bay Show House room.

And, like many flirtations that bloom into full-fledged infatuations, there was Spring and Jil Sander.  You can always woo me, seduce me, sway me with a full skirt and white top, but the smack of those red lips was irresistible.

Don't play to type and do overlook the text, but concentrate instead on that gleamy green and the dash of red at top and toe.

Walls cannot be the be all end all and we must start to flesh things out - to heat things up.

Miss Scarlet in the Dining Room with the Folly Green walls.  I do think it would make me Beeline Home.

Oh, my, it's late and all this photo sourcing seems daunting.  Hadley, I believe is from the book by Adam Lewis; Sander might be Vogue; Roehm is, certainly, from Litchfield Style by Annie Kelly; photography by Tim Street-Porter; and the really wonderful Scarlet Lamp by Beeline Home was featured in Elle Decor, September 2011.