Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Read Between the Lines. Or Read the Lines.

Here we are passed Black Friday and Cyber Monday and everything in between and I have yet to buy one gift.

If you are in a similar spot, Out of Print may provide a snappy stocking stuffer.  Journals, featuring the covers of some literary favorites, use the opening sentences of famous novels as "lines."

They're clever for coming up with them, you're clever for ordering them.  Here.


VictoriaArt said...

Great inspiration!
I have bought a shirt for one of my sons there!
I love literary minded things!
The journals are lovely!

mary said...

I'm winning--I have acquired two small presents--but I bought one for myself!!! Good luck with shopping--it just doesn't seem like Christmas, yet. Mary

peggy braswell said...

adore! will check it out. thanks

ADG said...

I especially like the Rockwell Kent illustration of Moby Dick. My surrogate grandmother used to pose for him in the 1930's. (Kent--not Moby)

The Down East Dilettante said...

My father used to have the happy habit of giving me first editions on my birthday. Doesn't get better.

And oh, those Rockwell Kent designs for Moby Dick. So good.

Nell said...

Had never heard of this place before. Just placed an order -- perfect gifts for a number of people on my list. Also, people should know that this also has a charitable component. A book is provided to a school in Africa for every item purchased -- the seven gifts I bought mean seven books for kids in Africa. Great concept!

Karena said...

Ha Patricia since I was Just cleared to drive again I have not accomplished much!! This is a cool idea though!! Love it!

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Art by Karena

Kim said...

Thank you so much, new to your blog from Joni at Cote de Texas! Just ordered a book for my daughter from your post ... Lovely and so exciting to find something new and different, and that gives back! Now, I have purchased my FIRST Christmas present! I too need to get busy!

mikky said...

This is the perfect gift for someone I know. I have never seen this before, so thanks for posting it. Hope there is still time to order one.