A Year in Provence

Over Thanksgiving I started floating the idea of traveling for the holiday next year.

Mr. Blandings and the boys are neither stubborn nor unreasonable, but they get a little set in their ways.

Many things around here happen through the sheer force of my will, but I find new ideas are more easily adopted if I bring them up far in advance.  I grind away at their resistance and then work to fill the trough with my enthusiasm.  Admittedly, I wear them down.

As we made the long drive to California a couple of years ago, I pointed out to Bill that in ten years the boys would be finished with school and we could live anywhere, my voice and imagination filled with wonder.

"Where else would we want to live?"

"We could live in France."  "We could live in France."  "We could live in France."

All images, via the Wall Street Journal Magazine, the home of Betty and Francois Catroux in Provence.  The story, these images and images of their Paris apartment can be found here.  Photography, Francois Halard.