A Happy Tune

I went to the symphony last weekend.  It's not on my usual list of weekend events: basketball, school project supplies, laundry.

It was an amazing treat.  Mozart was lovely, but it was Rachmaninoff's Symphony No. 2 that delighted my ear and captured my heart.

It is such a happy piece and I was struck with wonder at the ability to create something, anything, so beautiful.

Here I sit surrounded by projects undone.  An astrologer scribbled three stars next to the date "February 15," underlined it, circled it, then added a bracket for emphasis.  The point of which was, "Get off your duff and do something."  My stars are aligning.

So I was thinking (wasn't the point to stop thinking and "do?") that music might move things along.

Would you send other suggestions?  Classical music that will uplift, inspire, delight.  Brooding I pretty much have covered.  I'd love your recommendations.

I intended to illustrate this post with busts of composers, but once I hit 1st dibs I was enchanted by the variety there.  So, these are irrelevant, except that I like them.

Anon - thanks, my mistake.  You can see why I need the education.