Idol Worship

I have an issue with my mailman.  Or I have no issues with my mailman, depending on how you look at it.  I think that I have mentioned before the rarity of my big mail delivery.  Perhaps he feels this 1950 ranch should have 1950-size mail; for most days letter size is my only prize.  About once a week my mail slot is crammed, stuffed, smushed with catalogues and magazines.  Except for February's.  No February magazines at all.

So I bought them.  (This annoys Bill and when they eventually arrive he will say, sadly lifting them from the kitchen island, "Oh.  That's too bad."  It's as if he thinks they have died in vain.)  Worth the double dip as I found Claire Weiss awaiting me on the pages of AD in that remarkable vintage Azzedine Alaia dress.  And those pearls.  In front of that mural.


The Cartier pearls are "the only jewelry she wears."  (They rest atop vintage Fornasetti trays, which is, well, perfect.)  The grandness of this overwhelms me.  It is the kind of thing that I would proclaim and then find myself a week later mouthing "liar" in the mirror.  Still, I wish I were a little more Weiss-like. Read the whole article here.

Images, Architectural Digest, February 2012; architecture, Steven Harris; design, Lucian Rees Roberts; photography, Thomas Loof; produced by Robert Rufino and the balance of the number of small object in the piece is nothing short of miraculous.