Dr. Drip is a Dream Date

Coffee is very important to me.  I can and do start the day without it, but if I don't have some by 10:00 things can get a little ugly.

My coffee maker has been a faithful and trusty servant and has served me well for years.  (How many we can't quite remember.)

A couple of weeks ago her burner stopped heating before the pot was empty; a little jiggling set everything right.

Then yesterday I came in to the kitchen and she was gone, passed quietly in the night.

Fortunately, my friend had given me a box of Dr. Drip.  Not instant, nope, brewed coffee instantly.  Sort of like a disposable Chemex.

The coffee is very good (I know these things.)  Perfect for power outages (of which we have many) or any natural disasters (like your coffee pot dying.)  They mention something about fishing and camping as well; to that, I cannot attest.  Dr. Drip Coffee here.

Dr. Drip has done nothing for me other than give me a little pep; while valuable, I would not consider it compensation.