Escape Plan

For the last few days my brain has been spinning.  Do.  Don't.  Good idea, bad idea.  This.  That.  Finally, this afternoon, I said, "Enough," and rose from my desk.  I escaped to the Nelson.  I had not visited the Chinese Galleries since they reopened.  Honestly, I don't know them that well as I tend to circle my favorites again and again.  But, I started on the first floor.  I wanted to go back to see the miniatures, which reside at the end of this very severe hall.

To my delight a small collection of Josef Albers's pieces awaited me, cheerful with their surprise.

We promised to meet again soon.

I had been a few weeks ago with my middle son and we fortuitously skipped into sculpture.  Reviewing today's visit it seemed to be mostly about squares.

So intent had I been on the exhibits in the past, that I had never before noticed the beauty of this gallery.  One of the few rooms without a bench, I wanted to sit on the floor to enjoy it.  I did not.  I am too conventional.

But I did walk away reassured that sometimes the best things come without planning.

I did not have my camera and took these with my phone.  I was pretty darned pleased.