Thursday, February 16, 2012

Escape Plan

For the last few days my brain has been spinning.  Do.  Don't.  Good idea, bad idea.  This.  That.  Finally, this afternoon, I said, "Enough," and rose from my desk.  I escaped to the Nelson.  I had not visited the Chinese Galleries since they reopened.  Honestly, I don't know them that well as I tend to circle my favorites again and again.  But, I started on the first floor.  I wanted to go back to see the miniatures, which reside at the end of this very severe hall.

To my delight a small collection of Josef Albers's pieces awaited me, cheerful with their surprise.

We promised to meet again soon.

I had been a few weeks ago with my middle son and we fortuitously skipped into sculpture.  Reviewing today's visit it seemed to be mostly about squares.

So intent had I been on the exhibits in the past, that I had never before noticed the beauty of this gallery.  One of the few rooms without a bench, I wanted to sit on the floor to enjoy it.  I did not.  I am too conventional.

But I did walk away reassured that sometimes the best things come without planning.

I did not have my camera and took these with my phone.  I was pretty darned pleased.


sloane simmons said...

The best things are seldom planned.

pve design said...

Fond memories of doing my own color studies in college. It is good to step away and get out and how glad are we that you shared this lovely escape.

Karena said...

Patricia, isn't the Albers collection displayed perfectly! I love it.

The serenity and importance of the Chinese Gallery is superb.

Art by Karena

Tree said...

Ah, the Nelson, a true KC and national treasure! said...

I too love Joseph Albers. I have enjoyed your blog and have subscribed! I am the agent for photographer, David Mitchell who will have a solo exhibition opening March 29th at Jim Kempner Fine Art in NY. If you find yourself in Chelsea, please drop in.I think this work may resonate with you. Here is a link to his site. The minimalism of the Abstracts 2011 have a relationship to Albers. Would like to hear your thoughts!

Anonymous said...

Pretty and serene way to spend the day...The rabbit pottery looks like Mac Kenzie Childs painted it!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for including this. I have fond memories of growing up in the Nelson.