Friend of a Friend

I don't have facials very often, in fact, I've probably had fewer than a dozen.

But last week I went to slough off some winter doldrums and laid myself flat for a Russian woman with whom I was not acquainted.

A recent astrological foray revealed that I don't care much for pampering and I agree that this is true; vanity, however, sometimes rules the day.

With fingers like sausages, Natasha* began her ministrations.  Dropped towels, later re-used in their chilly, limp economy and blaring pop music were the least of it.

I imagine that it was like being with a virgin when you're not one.  I could not begrudge her her lack of experience; neither did I care to be a partner to it.

Such experiences make me value all the more being in good hands.

Which is why I was delighted that Temo Callahan took the time to let me know that his charming lampshade was decorated by James Shearron of Bories and Shearron.

Strong, assured and lacking unnecessary flourishes, the firm's work is a delight.  This is the home of Doug Turshen, who applies his aesthetic prowess to some of the best design books around.  You can find the images, and the overwhelmingly romantic story of his marriage to Rochelle Udell, here.  Indulge yourself further at Bories and Shearron here.

All images William Waldron, Elle Decor, November 2010.  *Named changed to protect the, if not innocent, ineffective.