The Joy of Mrs. Howard

Other than Brooke Shields and Phoebe Cates, I was never aware of models by name.  Not until I lived with three cheerleaders in college was I introduced to the concept of "super model."  I came into decorating the same way.  I read and I tore and I saved, but it took a while for me to begin to recognize designers.  That mirror, above, did it for me with Phoebe Howard.

From a long ago Southern Accents feature, that mirror introduced me to the world of Mrs. Howard, Phoebe's shop, and the amazing work that she and her husband, Jim, both do.

It's a world of casual elegance, of relaxed refinement.  Many people seem to be yearning for pretty rooms, uncomplicated beautiful spaces.

Phoebe's work combines a traditional foundation with an understanding that we have evolved; mid-century tables, fresh fabrics and contemporary art co-exist beautifully in her spaces.

And now we don't have to wait and hope for a magazine feature.  Phoebe has published a new book, The Joy of Decorating; Southern Style with Mrs. Howard and she is offering Mrs. Blandings's readers a discount.

If you buy the book from her site HERE and enter the code MBJOD you will receive the book, normally $50 at 20% off (that's $40 for the math-challenged.)

Another bonus for ordering from the site is that you will receive a prize.  Included with the book will be Mrs. Howard's Favorite Paint Colors, which is a handy little supplement organized by palette for wall, ceiling and trim.

All images courtesy of Mrs. Howard.

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