Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Hand in Glove

I was at Dolphin Gallery last week and noticed a card for Ellen Greene's work which had been at Birdie's.  Greene collects vintage gloves and uses them as her canvas.  Seeing gloves as a symbol of a past ideal of femininity, of protection and restraint, she marries them with images of tattoos, the art of which is rooted in a male tradition.  I did have my eyelids done and while I'm happy with the results, I can't quite shake the niggling feeling that I have capitulated to two forces: personal vanity and some sort of larger mystical pressure that stresses physical beauty as ideal.   I'm not torturing myself over it (in fact, I bought eye shadow for the first time in years) but it's bugging me.  Greene's pieces hit me when I may be most vulnerable to them.  You can find them here.

Image, "Omi Wise" via


Karena said...

Very interesting concept and genre. Some quite graphic all unique!

Art by Karena

Anonymous said...

If you get a chance, read Ashley Judd on the subject of objectification here:


mary said...

I'm thinking about a little work, too. You are definitely inspiring me. Photos of the new you?? Mary

peggy braswell said...

I also had my eyelids done + love them + very painful, the process. Love the gloves.