A Happy Marriage

When I met Mitch Owens a few years ago in the offices at Elle Decor I did not know that he was the author of the esteemed design blog, An Aesthete's Lament.  I did not find out until a few months later when another blogger casually mentioned it in an email.  It immediately made sense that this blog, which reflected a near encyclopedic knowledge of design, was the work of a seasoned and talented interior design writer. Mitch is currently Special Projects Editor at Architectural Digest and Ms. Russell has made an honest man of him.  No more clandestine meetings on the blogspot - Mitch is blogging as The Aesthete on Daily AD.  And, in case you're worried that I've outed him, I have not; he casually steps from behind the curtain in his first post.  I will be looking forward to more.