High Point

I am heading to High Point on Sunday and went shopping for shoes today.  This is what I came home with.  "Do you think these are too high for me?" I asked my eldest.  I'm a little over 5'8" and the heels are six inches.  "They're not that high and they're wedges, so they should be o.k."  "How do you know they're 'wedges'?"  "I do know girls."  "And you talk about shoes?"  "No, they talk about shoes around me."  "Oh.  Well, since they have a platform, they're really comfortable."  "Yeah.  I know."  "You're kidding right?" And he ducked his head, shaking it from side to side and looked up from under raised his eyebrows, "Not kidding."  He seems as mystified as I about his baptism into the world of women.

It's my first trip to High Point and even I know these are not the shoes for working, but might be good shoes for playing.  I plan on doing plenty of both.  If I'm posting next week it will be a miracle.  If I'm not on crutches next week, that might be a miracle as well.  If you think you see me at Market, please say, "hi."