Thursday, April 12, 2012

Numbers Game

The party night before last was great fun.  An unexpected pleasure was meeting Richard Belger, a local businessman and art collector.  I've mentioned his gallery a few times, but the first time I visited it was to see their remarkable collection of works by Jasper Johns.  I could not make the opening and stumbled in on a quiet afternoon and received a memorable personal tour by Mo Dickens.  Mr. Belger mentioned that the collection is traveling to Washington D.C. for an exhibit at The Phillips Collection, June 2nd - September 9th.  If you are in the area do make an effort to see it.  (I only wish Mr. Dickens could be your docent as he was mine.)


Jennifer C. Webb said...

thank you for sharing, sounds like a great excuse to head to DC! Jasper Johns...such the cosmopolitan, was born and raised in a little town in South Carolina not far from my in-laws...and likely void of much art. Perhaps that inspired him to create his such a new way for his time

Karena said...

Patricia, I have meant for the longest time to see this fabulous collection housed in Kansas City. The Belgers, as many others here in KC have contributed to the Art World in a huge way.

I will be checking to see when it returns!

Art by Karena

smr said...

I love Jasper Johns, wish Icould visit the gallery.

Shani Gilchrist said...

We're definitely proud to call Jasper Johns one of our own here in South Carolina. Thanks for sharing. We'll have to check this out when we are in DC.

SuSu said...

I lived down the street (literally) from the Phillips Collection for several years and, as I walked to work every day, I would pass the building daily. One of my fondest recollections was being able to see "The Luncheon or The Boating Party" (not sure which is the correct title) by Renoir. I frequently stopped by on Thursday evenings for a quiet visit. At that time, you could stand within about a foot of the painting which was protected only by a velvet rope. I remember the painting quite vividly - especially as I was often the only patron in the museum at that time. It may have cost me dearly to live in the District but it was so worth it when you consider such opportunities (especially when your next door neighbors were Ben Bradley and Sally Quinn!).

I will try to get to the city to see the Johns' exhibit - a very worthy train ride for me. Thanks for the heads up!