Spotting Style in High Point

Barclay Butera cowhide rug for Nourison.
High Point Market is fun!  Well, it was fun for me as my only responsibility was to walk around and look for good stuff.  No overhead to worry about, no need to fret about stocking fees or delivery times. Nope, just good friends, good stuff and lots of free cocktails (offered if not consumed.)

Resin tables by Makayla; photo Mat Saunders
High Point Market invited eight folks to scour the show for things that caught their fancies and pin them on Pinterest.

Mantis Stool by Chelsea House
I hadn't been to Market before and was intimidated by the scope of product.  (This, coupled by the fact that anytime I mentioned High Point to someone he or she would say, "You have to go..." and then proceed to tell me some grueling story, made me a little apprehensive.)  But what I found were a lot of lovely people who were happy to talk about their own stuff, but were also happy to help me find something else be it a showroom or a shuttle or something to nosh.

Lillian August Sofa; photo Jamie Meares
You can see what I spotted at market - and the other Style Spotters' picks, too - on Pinterest here.

Dominos by Barbara Cosgrove; photo Jennifer Mehditash

See how I made it look like graphic black and white is trending?  It's not.  Graphic black and white is always good, but I wouldn't start jumping up and down and screaming "trend alert."  There was a lot - a lot - of the Belgian look still out there.  Who's buying it?  Heck if I know; no one I talked to gets it, but it looks like it's going to be around a little longer.

Thanks to High Point Market for sponsoring my trip; I had no agreement or requirement to post about what I saw here, but I will.  Because I saw good stuff.

All photos mine unless otherwise noted.  All images taken with phones, so don't judge.