Thursday, May 3, 2012

For the Grad

When I graduated from college I received a very heavy rectangular box from one of my father's most fun friends.

I hadn't expected anything, really, and as I hefted the present into my lap I thought surely it would be something great.  Like a blender.
It was an iron.  A very good iron, a Rowenta, that worked like a champ for about twenty years, but an iron nonetheless.  In the eyes of my twenty-one-year old self, a let down.

Remember when life did not so much loom as sparkle with potential?  Let's celebrate the beginning.  Be the fun parental friend.  If it's your godson help him mix it up with the Moore and Giles Meehan Utility Bag, because, what's a man without his muddle?  (And, no, he wouldn't rather have a savings bond.)  Not quite so close?  The Bar Roll-up will have him ever at the ready.

Let him think that life is a party a little while longer.  He will find out soon enough.

All images via Moore and Giles, who hold their trunk shows in an Airstream.  How cool is that?


Mrs. Sutton said...

An IRON! Good Lord - he may as well have given you some shackles wrapped in a pink pinafore! I get the impression that the message he was sending out was NOT that you could potentially go on to be an astronut, a train driver or the President of the United States (or heaven forbid - a 'breadwinner') - lol!

pve design said...

Wonderful. I had a good chuckle when my darling husband opened a box from his son for his b-day.
An electric wine opener. Son said -"Father, enjoy showing this off with the new sleek kitchen"-
Guys love gadgets and so do girls.

Kerry @ Design du Monde said...

I agree. Being the only gift giver that is still fun has its perks in life.

My Dog-Eared Pages said...

I love the thought behind this one... to hang on to the party a little while longer. Great suggestion.

Jennifer C. Webb said...

oh, want to know more about Moore and Giles...and their Airstream

Karena said...

Patricia, I recall when as a young bride part of the holiday gifts from my husband was a set of matching knit gloves, scarf and hat. Back when these items were not beautifully crafted!

I was not impressed to say the least. I felt like he might want me to go out and shovel the driveway!


Art by Karena

Sandy Donn said...

I love the "life looming versus sparkle and potential" line - I've passed it on to loved ones today! Thank you!

mary said...

Yes!! The roll-up bar. They definitely need to start a new journey in style. Mary