Memory Lane

I am, finally, making some more decisions about the (as yet still unnamed) house.  I suppose we can call this Phase II, which seems unambitious as we have been here a year and a half.

I was going back through my files, paper, you know.  They are slick, ruffled with jagged edges and a crease or two.  I was looking for a particular Brunschwig & Fils fabric.  (Discontinued, natch.)

Still, as each folder lay open on my lap a theme began to emerge.

So many of my older images I relinquished to the trash.  Too ruffled, too trimmed, too much.

But what was left was a series of tiny bronze knobs supporting a cushion, the most perfect upholstered chair, three shades of paint that made one room sing, striped grosgrain gracing a love seat and a cord atop a tape upon a pattern with nailhead punctuation, just to show that "more" sometimes is just enough.  Broad strokes are something, but it all boils down to the details.

From top, design Suzanne Lovell, AD some time ago, I did not note the photo credit; I believe this design is by Barbara Barry, Veranda? photography Dominique Vorillon; Suzanne Rheinstein, Southern Accents September, 2007; Domino, Sheila Bridges; Lee Jofa ad, Diamond and Baratta Collection, 2005.