Southern Charm

Dear Mr. Redd,

Lately I begin my days with surly, grumbly children.  They grouse and groan about the tortures of their country club life: the practices are too early, the towels are wet as they were left in a heap and I do not keep sufficient track of the location of goggles.

They do, eventually, warm up.  Cheerful and chatty by mid-day, they stand at my desk and enumerate the places I need to take them, mystified at any sign of impatience that they are interrupting my "playing" on the computer.

At night they are exhausted.  The youngest lay their sun bleached heads upon their pillows, smelling of chlorine even if they have had the rare shower, and we read adventures of children in the Everglades or of a teenaged spy single-handedly saving the world.

After they are tucked in and I am able to relax, the sounds of my teenaged son laughing at marathon episodes of Friends in the background, I take care to do something really good.  I wanted to thank you for a few delightful moments spent with wicker and printed linen and a floral bedroom with a door painted the most delicious color green.  The work was not for me, I know, but the images inspire me and while my talent is not Redd-y, it reassures me that I am on the right track.

Devotedly, Patricia

New York-based decorator, Miles Redd, hails from Atlanta as you likely know.  I spent a couple of days in Atlanta recently and Suzanne Kasler treated me to a shopping tour of the city.  You can find the highlights on here.

Three images, top, the home of Jennifer and Dominic Moross, design by Miles Redd, photography Miguel Flores-Vianna, produced by Howard Christian, Architectural Digest, July 2012.  Kasler image by Pieter Estershohn.