At a Loss for Words

I'm not going to say that I'm putting this thing to bed as I've seen other bloggers do that in the past to find themselves quietly crawling back onto their soap box with a gentle, "ahem."  At the very least I hoped to make it to mid-August, Mrs. Blandings's five year anniversary, before taking a good long break.  But I find I have nothing to say.  What used to be pure joy, truly a giddy, gleeful release, is now something of a chore, like making your bed when you are a teenager.  "What's the point?" lingering in the background.

I strolled into blogging and was stunned to find a community of people who could recognize designers' work at a glance.  I was grateful to be welcomed into the conversation and thrilled that anyone besides my husband was interested in reading.  In the beginning I wrote as an exchange with a handful of bloggers: Courtney, Jennifer and Megan being of the first to be friends.  That anyone has stopped here and stayed to read these ramblings of home is nothing beyond remarkable.

I can't possibly express how grateful I am to the designers and editors who have graciously answered my emails over the last few years; I am forever in your debt.

I may jump back in now and again - it may be best to subscribe by email if you are interested in future posts.

postscript: You will, of course, continue to be able to find me in Spaces Kansas City and

Image, above, the immensely talented Nick Olsen, featured in July/August Veranda; photography Melanie Acevedo, produced by Olga Naiman.