Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Out and About - Christopher Filley, Again

Sometimes I want to keep all the good stuff to myself (you should see the things I don't mention here) but did want to let you know that Christopher Filley has just returned from the home of one of his dear friends and is providing foster care for some of her things.  (You see Faith and Charity above - Hope must be springing eternally somewhere else.)

A full-size chinoiserie bed being one of my favorites.

Hmmm...headboard, footboard and painted rails, too.  "Wouldn't it be great if you could float it in the room?" asked Christopher when I was there.  Indeed.

A pair.

The top.  I mean, really.

And this window, which did not come from the estate, is fantastic.  I've seen its sibling at the home of one of my favorite local designers, backed with mirror, adding depth and sparkle to her patio.  Who couldn't use a little more depth and sparkle?

Christopher Filley
45th and State Line


Karena said...

Oooh I love Faith and Charity!
Is that a demilune?

Nice to have you back more!

2012 Artists Series

visit this site said...

Great stuff.

mary said...

Hi Patricia, Amazing shop. My life-saver, Roberto, could fix those French night stands in nothing flat. Don't let a little surface patina scare you off.

cindy hattersley said...

So happy that you are finding your voice a little more frequently...we have missed your wit and charm

David said...

That window has another sibling at Bottoms Up. No glass, so nothing to remove when you fit the mirror in.

penelopebianchi said...

Oh the chinoiserie bed!!! Floating in the room! Yikes!

My mother had a similar pair of end chests; I think they were Italian marquetry. My brother has them now.....those are worth restoring; in my view! Gorgeous!

Miles book is to die over. I met him when he was 19 at working at John Rosselli; I could tell he was destined for greatness!

He put together the "only" catalogue of John Rosselli for me!! A big fat binder! I bet he remembers!

Delightful guy.....and oh what a talent! Lordy!