Back and Forth

"Look back, go back," say my yoga instructors as we stand in a room heated to over one hundred degrees and they encourage me to arch into a backbend.  I resist.  The wooziness, they tell me, is caused by uncomfortable emotions that rise to the surface in the pose.  What of the sharp pain that occurs a few inches north of my tailbone?  It's possible, of course, that both are the result of my forty-seven years of schlepping things around: chairs, babies, resentment.  Looking back can make me unsteady.

Yet, there are times when casting to the past brings great satisfaction.  On a trip to New York three years ago, John Robshaw took the time to visit with me in his showroom.  The space was flooded with light and Mr. Robshaw has a very groovy vibe.  He's sexy in a way that is not overt and aggressive, but emits something of a low hum.  It keeps one quite engaged.

As we talked prints and process he asked where I was headed next.  When I reported that I was off to see Christopher Spitzmiller, he told me that he had just been there to look for lamps for his bedroom.  He went on to describe bases that Christopher had used to test glazes, large swaths of color swiped across the pottery; these were the ones he wanted.  They sounded like just the sort of thing I would want, too.  Classic.  Custom.  Quirky.

They are and I do.  You can see them in this month's Elle Decor.  In the back.

Image, Elle Decor, December 2012; photography William Waldron, produced by Anita Sarsidi.

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