Dim Some

I have done my fair share of Restoration Hardware bashing, but I have always mentioned that I do, really, like their lighting and hardware.  I do.  And, so, in the interest of fair coverage, I mention how much I'm enjoying the Library Swing-Arm Sconce.  She was easy to install, solid and swivels nicely.  She does everything I thought she'd do.  I was doubly delighted to find that handsome knob, which makes a subtle "click" at "on" and "off," is also a dimmer switch.  This is the sort of detail that makes my heart explode in a burst of love at first light, like finding Winnie-the-Pooh on someone's grown-up bookshelf.

Library Swing-Arm Sconce at Restoration Hardware here.

Obviously, RH did not compensate me in any way.  And, no, I did not iron my bedding as I have two deadlines and three children in three different sports and it's a week before Christmas.  Get over it.