Sunday, December 9, 2012

The Life of the Party

She hadn't been out in ages - she couldn't remember the last time, really.  It was such a swell party, too. The caviar, the champagne, the music.  Divine.  She had worried that she might not fit in, was concerned that they might find her too old-fashioned, but the crowd had been charming.  She did not know when she would have a chance to take such a turn again, but she was happy to wait, remembering a most perfect evening.

I picked up this vintage Vendome brooch hunting and gathering at the Lauritzen Gardens Antique Show a couple of months ago.  She is pretty terrif.


Jayne said...

With a brooch like that, she should not sit back and wait for such a turn again. She must go out and wear it well , that blast of pearl and light!

Avad Fan said...

So glad to be hearing from you recently. I really love your writing style, and your eye is as remarkable as this brooch.

Henhurst Interiors said...

Seriously, when is the book coming out?

LPC said...

Absolutely fantastic.

mary said...

She is amazing, Picture of You wearing her?

Mrs. Blandings said...

Mary - I'm a little camera shy - not sure a pic exists.

HI - with any luck, sooner rather than later.

Karen Albert said...

Patricia, she is gorgeous and should be escorted out often!

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