Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The Wright Stuff

My father was a photographer for CBS and I can remember when I was little his coming home and telling me about the story he had worked on that day.  Civil Rights marches and nuclear protests and sometimes really good things like an antique dealer in New Orleans who told him that he never wore socks or underwear.  "He wasn't wearing any socks," my father smiled as he wove the tale of the gentleman's second career.  (I do not remember the dealer's original occupation, but at the time the idea of not wearing underwear must have seemed significant.)

It was the stories of these people's lives that made me want to go into journalism.  The idea that one's job could entail learning something new every single day seemed wonderful.  He told me loads of the most unwonderful things about the business, but they did not seem to outweigh the excitement.

I am off to Chicago today to preview and attend the Wright Important Design Auction in Chicago.  I am off on an adventure.

You can view the lots here.  Image, via, is a detail of a Jean Royere Jet d'Eau floor lamp.  She is elegant and unexpected; a most terrific combination. Photography, Ross Floyd.


rebecca said...

I vaguely remember the "no underwear" era....Vaguely! I hope you can finde time to enjoy Michigan Ave by night....)

mary said...

Have a wonderful trip. There will be much to learn---I'm just a wee bit jealous. Mary

Karen Albert said...

Patricia I wish I were coming along; it will be an eye opening adventure and experience!

2012 Artists Series,

Randy Attwood said...

What a wonderful touch at writing you have. I wonder if you realize yourself how rare it is. You just threw this off as if casting off a hat and throwing it on a peg. And peg it you did.

lisa_d said...

I think these lamps is perfect for my bed at my condo in Philippines. Thanks for the great read in here! :)